The Myths About Plumbing

Unfortunately for many people, conventional plumbing wisdom is just as fallible as all other kinds of oversimplified information. That’s why Pittsburgh’s leading plumbing service, Pittsburgh’s Best Choice, has prepared this list of the most popular and dangerous plumbing myths out there today. Whether you own your own home or you’re renting a property, following these tips could mean serious savings both in the long and short term.

Myth #1: Every Plumber is the Same

Just because someone says they offer a plumbing service doesn’t mean they’re qualified, experienced, or even licensed. When you make the mistake of choosing the wrong plumber, you’ll end up having to spend even more money when you find out that the job’s been done poorly. Look carefully for customer testimonials, and consider contacting the Better Business Bureau to make sure you’re not hiring someone you’ll regret.

Myth #2: Tank Cleaners Keep a Toilet Healthy

When someone invests in colored bleach tablet for their toilet, they believe they’re investing in a convenience. They want to spend less time cleaning their toilet, and think a bleach tablet will live up to the promises offered in advertising and do the trick. In truth, these products can actually create a slow build-up that can eventually ruin your plumbing system. Simply placing one in your tank, you run the risk of a clog.

Furthermore, the bleach is also damaging for many modern toilets that are designed with antibacterial properties. If you’re really looking to clean your tank, using vinegar in the overflow tube is always your best choice. It’ll remove some of buildup in your plumbing system that can ultimately hurt your toilet’s flow, with only a tiny fraction of the cost of a bleach table.

Myth #3 Plumbing Fixtures Need Very Little Maintenance

Ignoring a problem is one of the best ways to ensure that problem only gets worse. Like developing a cavity in your mouth, failing to maintain your plumbing system, like your sinks, tubs, and faucets, may lead to seriously expensive repair if a relatively small issue is allowed to fester and grow. A little routine maintenance can help prevent serious clogs and even pipe replacements. A little plumbing service is always your best choice when it comes to maintaining your pipes.

Myth #4: You Can Clean Plumbing System Fixtures with Hand Soap and Water

You’re washing your hands at the sink, and when you reach to turn off the faucet, you leave a little bit of soapy water residue on them. You wouldn’t think that would create an issue, but you’d be wrong. Leaving everyday household soaps on your plumbing fixtures can cause them to corrode, resulting in peeling and bubbling that looks as unsightly as it sounds.

Fortunately, protecting your plumbing service won’t take much work; just remember to wipe off your fixtures after you’ve used them. It only takes a second, will prevent them from corroding, and can protect any lifetime warranties you have, which often become void when soap destroys finish. Brass fixtures in particular are vulnerable to hand soap, and gentler cleaning with lemons or baking soda is more suitable. These softer cleaners are always your best choice when it comes to cleaning fixtures.