Summer Plumbing Questions

Yes, you can have plumbing problems during the summer. Who knew, right!? But seriously, it is during these warmer months that a few prime plumbing issues occur. So today we want to address a few common questions that will help protect your property.

  • Don’t forget to wash – Typically, we only think of the washing machine in terms working for us and cleaning our clothing, towels, and other fabric related household items. But with the summer brings more stress on your machine due to kids being off from school and trips to the pool and beach. This is the time more laundry is produced more than any other season. So you want to make sure the machine sits out away from the wall a bit so the hose does not end up kinking. It also helps to wipe out the inside of the washer every once in a while to remove any type of debris that can potentially cause problems.
  • Plumbing Services for Summer

  • Are your toilets clogged? – Talk to the family about not using an over abundance of toilet paper and making sure they flush after every use. Also, purchase a plunger to use for simple clogs.
  • What about that Sewer line? – Pittsburgh is prone to getting a lot of rain which gets into sewer pipes through cracks which ultimately leads to it getting backed up. Underground tree roots can also lead to cracked pipes as well. Signs that you may have trouble in your sewer line include, water from a backed up toilet going into the bathtub drain. Call Pittsburgh Best’s Plumbing immediately if you notice this problem.
  • The disposal – A well loved but sensitive house accessory. You want to be mindful of the types of food you put through the in-sink disposal. Hard fruits and vegetables should be avoided so not to damage the disposal blades or create clogging. Also do not pour used cooking oils down the drain as it can damage the entire disposal system. We also recommend running cold water through the disposal before and after use to remove any bits of left-over food particles.

These are just a few things to pay attention to when it comes to preventing your plumbing from getting clogged up. As one of the best Pittsburgh plumbers in the area we are at your service. Give us a call anytime if you notice any of these issues.