Reversing Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, the onset of uncomfortably cool weather is a signal for you to switch the direction of your ceiling fans.

In summer, you want the fans to move forward (counter-clockwise) in order to push air down from the ceiling and to create a wind effect to help cool the room. As winter approaches, reverse the switch so that it runs clockwise. This will enable the fan blades to take warm air, which rises and collects at the top of the ceiling, and push that warm air to the sides of the room and then down to the floor.

The warm air circulation will help take some of the chill out of winter days and save some money on your heating bill.
Relatively few homeowners think to do this. That’s why we issue this handy reminder!

In the winter, fans should move clockwise.

In the summer, fans should move counter-clockwise.