Heating your Home

Our skilled team of technicians at Pittsburgh’s Best Plumbing, Heating & Air are interested in making sure that customers are as comfortable as possible this winter season. We understand the importance of keeping heat contained in a home. This article will offer many helpful strategies that you can utilize in order to stay warm during the winter months. Caulking windows is a smart way to save energy and stay warm during the coldest part of the year. Purchase the proper materials to do the job or hire professionals to help make sure that windows are sealed to prevent heat loss. Eliminating air leaks is an important part of energy efficiency all year round.

Keeping Your Home Warm

Pittsburgh’s Best also recommends using natural sunlight to keep things warm during the day. This means opening the blinds and curtains during the warmest part of the day to try to store warmth for later in the evening. During the evening hours, the best strategy is to use curtains which are heavy and can block out the cold. Proper sealing of the windows and door frames will help to retain the heat in larger rooms and placing blankets or other heavy objects in front of doorways that have not yet been properly sealed will assist in keeping the heat inside and will block drafts.

Another recommendation; use bubble wrap in order to give an extra amount of insulation to your living quarters. This can be useful for people who are trying to save money and quite economical. Making sure that the bubble wrap is properly placed in areas where air will get through is an important part of keeping the heat in; all areas around the windows will need to be properly covered. This will create an extra layer of insulation and be cost effective for individuals who are serious about saving money.

Placing area rugs over hard wood floors is an excellent way to conserve heat and energy. Why? Because uncovered surfaces tend to be more likely the cause of heat loss.. Maintaining the proper amount of heat in your home with the use of a thermostat to regulate the temperature in a room, without making multiple alterations to the temperatures throughout the day is also advantageous for individuals who are trying to maintain the most comfortable environment for long winter nights. The reality of being able to stay comfortable does not have to be complicated in order to stay within your family budget. Making a few adjustments in your homes insulation and properly sealing off drafts, will help to reduce the amount of heat lost and keep your family warm and cozy all winter.