Lets Keep Our Drains Clean

Anyone looking to clean a drain will have to invest some time and effort into the project if they want to do the job right. Yet Do It Yourself (DIY) drain cleaning methods can often be problematic. Most times, you are better off calling a plumbing Pittsburgh expert as a DIY attempt can damage your drain, your home and even yourself. Below, we offer a few pieces of advice for the DIY crowd out there that plans on attempting to unclog a drain by themselves. Remember, if your attempts don’t work, reach out to a plumbing service expert to get the job done right.

Plumbing Service

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Overrated

The majority of people attempting to clear a drain clog will rely on the help of chemical drain cleaners. These are toxic to touch and some brands don’t work very well. Anyone who uses a chemical drain cleaner will also have to wait a good half an hour or so to use a tub after applying the chemical cleaner.

Think Twice Before Using A Garden Hose

For those attempting to clear a drain with the garden hose method, they’ll be unnecessarily risking the integrity of the pipes below the drain. The garden hose method entails blasting water from a hose into the sink or tub opening in an attempt to unclog the drain. This is very awkward and it might exert so much pressure that it damages the home’s pipes. When in doubt, call an plumbing Pittsburgh expert at Pittsburgh’s Best Choice for help. You can learn more about plumbing Pittsburgh services on the web at www.alwaysyourbestchoice.com or by calling us at (412) 228-4715. Our plumbing Pittsburgh experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all plumbing service needs.

The Risk of Using Coat Hangers

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who attempt to use coat hangers to unclog a drain. This is a terrible idea as the coat hangar method rarely ever works, it can get caught in the pipe, cause additional damage or even puncture the hands of the person who is using it.

Don’t Try Total Disassembly

There have also been instances of people attempting to disassemble their home’s tubs, sinks, drains and pipes in order to clear out the clog. This is a grave error. People who try to fix clogs by going to these great lengths often end up causing much more damage than the problem that originally existed at the outset. When in doubt, reach out to a plumbing service for help.

Drain Auger Dangers

Others will attempt to use drain augers to clear out clogged drains. These only work on small to medium sized pipes. If handled improperly, coat hangers can harm the pipes and create quite a mess. Amateurs should only use drain auger tools if they know exactly what they are doing or if they are using the tools under the supervision of plumbing service expert.